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Emotional support

Helping patients and their loved ones

We know that it can be overwhelming when a person is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. Our Psychological Support Services Team is here to support both patients and their loved ones through this difficult time.

Talking therapies

We have a professionally trained team of paid and volunteer counsellors to help patients, their families and carers experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. We tailor our support to individual needs; from individual counselling sessions to group support, arranged at a convenient time.

Practical help

It can sometimes be confusing working out how to get the help one is entitled to. Our in-house social workers are here to assist with any practical issues that arise and to liaise with voluntary and statutory agencies to support discharge from Thames Hospice. They can also suggest appropriate agencies for advice on benefits and funding for care packages.

Spiritual support

We have a non-denominational approach to spiritual and religious needs. If desired, our chaplains are happy to spend time discussing spirituality and religion and we welcome visits from all other ministers or faith leaders.

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