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When the going gets tough

Elaine's tale:

So to start us off if you haven't read Susan's tale, then please check it out here. I'm Elaine and since signing up for The China Trek, my time has definitely not been my own. I’ve never been what you would call a ‘gym bunny’ but I’m forcing myself to swim twice a week, and where possible, walk most weekends. I’ve even roped in my friend Jacqueline, who can only be described as a ferocious walker. A couple of weekends ago, she dragged me up muddy hills, down dodgy footpaths and along overgrown bridle paths for two and a half hours! Even the dog was exhausted.

Fundraising is the other great time-guzzler. People have been incredibly generous, and thanks to our ‘Name the Panda’ campaign, we have passed the £2000 mark; not to mention finding our huggable Panda a lovely new home with Volunteer, Sue Foster’s twin grandchildren.

But now is when the going gets really tough. Having exhausted some of our more obvious contacts for donations, we need to move on and start organising events and activities that will bring in the money.

In the next few weeks, I will be doing a leaflet drop in my local area in search of babysitting opportunities - a new venture which could be every bit as challenging as climbing the Great Wall, and possibly more dangerous! I’m hoping that with two almost grown-up kids of my own, despite lacking Mary Poppin’s magical powers, I’ll be up to those age related challenges from the terrible-twos to the feisty-fours, the silly-sixes to the excitable-eights and finally those terse teens.

In return for a minimum donation of £25, I’m offering to babysit for two and a half hours, thereafter I will ask for donations of £10 per hour and twelve pounds after midnight. I’m also offering the service to my Thames Hospice colleagues who live in Windsor or Maidenhead.

You can read more from The Wallflowers in the coming months. In the meantime, you can help send Susan and Elaine up the Wall by clicking here.

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