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Down to 1: The Virtual Experience magic show

Date: Thursday 22 April, 7pm
Location: Virtual, via ZOOM
Cost per household: £20.00

MAGIC + MIND CONTROL VIRTUAL SHOW, performed by Chris Dugdale,

“Down to 1” is a journey of magic and binary mind-control on Zoom, culminating in one random audience member determining the success or failure of each individual show. What starts off as a highly interactive magic show quickly evolves into a mind control act.

Watch Chris Dugdale’s Interview with WBTV QC@3 where he explains what you can expect from his “Down to 1: The Virtual Experience” show.

“Sensational… creates a magical, mystical, mind-bending mirage… the showmanship of PT Barnum combined with the magical skill of David Copperfield and the wit of Jerry Seinfeld… unique talent demands unique description… he is an illusionary extraordinaire!”

Lt Gen Christopher Burne, U.S. Air Force – The Pentagon

“The show was packed with many “WOW” moments. A professional set from an experienced award-winning performer, who while traditionally would perform live in front of audiences, has now mastered Zoom and is leading the way”

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