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The highs and lows of fundraising

Susan of The Wallflowers:

A bit scarily, our fundraising page is telling me that there are only 108 days to go before our trek. It may sound a lot, but I still have so much to do in terms of raising my fitness levels, sorting out vaccinations etc., plus working towards reaching our fundraising target. I had made a reasonable start with the training, but a holiday in June lazing in the sun and then this recent hot weather have slowed me down somewhat (well that’s my excuse!)

Our recent clothes swaps, clothes sale and raffle raised over £700, which is brilliant. We were delighted that the raffle was such a success and may well plan another one closer to the trek.

People have been extremely generous in donating items for us to sell, which led us to trying our hand at a car boot sale. So last Sunday (9 July) at 6am we loaded Elaine’s car up to the gunnels and headed off to the Ascot Car Boot Sale. This was a totally new experience for Elaine – no doubt she will pass on her views in her next blog. Suffice to say, car booting is an interesting experience and there is absolutely no way of predicting what people may be interested in buying. We had some bright green Hospice balloons to let people know we were raising money for the Hospice, and these proved a hit with the children, so I was kept busy blowing up and handing over balloons in return for a small donation. Our most unlikely sale, was a joke chilli lolly to two children who wanted to play a trick on their dad.

Along with attending another car boot, my next challenge is to teach myself how to sell items on eBay - I will let you know how that goes next time…

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