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General policies


Non-tolerance of violence statement

The staff, volunteers and patients at Thames Hospice have the right to work and be cared for in a safe and supportive environment. Consequently, violence against any of our staff, volunteers or patients will not be tolerated and will be treated as criminal behaviour. This may involve referral to the police, culminating in criminal proceedings if appropriate.


Hospice Management

Statement of purpose
Being Open (Duty of Candour)
Equal Opportunities
Health and Safety Policy

Patient Care

Safeguarding Adults
Safeguarding Children
Mental Capacity Act


Fundraising Promise
Fundraising Complaints Policy
Social Responsibility in Gambling Policy

Lottery Exclusion Policy
Lottery Complaints Procedure
Thames Hospice Lottery: Full Terms and Conditions Procedure
Lottery Key Events Policy

Gift acceptance and recognition

Thames Hospice is extremely grateful that donors choose to donate to Thames Hospice. We hold a Gift Acceptance and Recognition Policy to ensure that we do not accept or solicit gifts that would be detrimental to the achievement of the purposes of the charity, nor our reputation. We may accept gifts for particular projects provided those purposes are within Thames Hospice’s objectives and capable of being carried out. We reserve the right to acknowledge gifts made as a ‘discernible gesture’. We will not accept gifts where administration costs outweigh the value of the gift, nor will we accept gifts for reasons outside the purposes of Thames Hospice.

If you are looking for a policy that's not listed here, or for further information, please email Juliana Luxton, Head of Governance and Quality.