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Introducing The Wallflowers

Susan's tale:

So, to set the scene, Elaine (pictured top right) and I (top left) - The Wallflowers - work at Thames Hospice, and in February this year we signed up to trek The Great Wall of China for the Hospice. The exciting new trek is taking place at the end of October, which sounded a very long way off and, therefore, not quite real at that point.

However, the reality soon became clear when we realised the amount we needed to get done! For example, training to get fit enough to actually manage the trek, raising the required amount of sponsorship to take part and acquiring all the equipment needed etc.

Elaine, being highly organised and motivated to get The Wallflowers going, created a marketing plan and we were off! We made a start with setting up our fundraising page, working on ideas for generating money and attempting fitness training; which involved several chilly walks, most of which took place in the rain, and obviously necessitated stop-offs at the pub for sustenance and warmth! We have to keep reminding ourselves that these comforts won't be available to us while trekking The Great Wall.

One of our lovely Hospice volunteers, Isobel Moore, donated a huge cuddly panda to us. We used this as part of a 'guess the panda's name' game among Hospice staff, volunteers and visitors, and very successfully raised almost £200. More on this next time.

At the beginning of March, we met our fellow trekkers for the first time at The Windsor Castle (another pub – this is starting to be a theme). We shared fundraising ideas and fitness tips, along with a drink or two…or three… and here we all are:

You can read more from The Wallflowers in the coming months. In the meantime, you can help send Susan and Elaine up the Wall by clicking here.

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