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“I count down the weeks until I can come to day therapy again."

Ian has been coming to our Day Therapy Unit on and off for two years. He has a lung condition and needs to carry oxygen around with him.

“I count down the weeks until I can come to day therapy again. It’s my one guaranteed chance a week to get out, because I don’t leave home otherwise. It’s very important to me as somebody will come and pick me up. I can drive, but if I visit for four or five hours, by the time I leave I’m too tired to drive by myself. The volunteer drivers are great.

“I was sort of dreading this morning because if I had been feeling like yesterday, I wouldn’t have been able to come. I was totally breathless. I couldn’t walk or have a shower as there was nobody there. It is restrictive. Getting out is very important and talking. Meeting people helps an awful lot, it relaxes me.

“The staff here are brilliant. These sessions take a lot of organising, and use a lot of the Hospice’s resources for people who aren’t inpatients, which is pretty fabulous. I pass the new hospice site every day I come here, so I can see the fantastic progress being made. It looks amazing. I wish it was open now.”