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A legacy to be proud of

If you are considering leaving Thames Hospice a gift in your Will, thank you. We depend on these special Gifts to fund the Hospice every year, and we simply could not maintain this level of care without them.

After setting out your wishes for loved ones, any gift to Thames Hospice would be greatly appreciated.

What type of Gift could I leave?

There are three simple ways to include us in your Will:

A share of your estate (Residuary Gift)

This is where you can leave a percentage or proportion of the remainder of your estate, once your other wishes have been carried out and any debts paid. This type of bequest is the most beneficial for us as it holds its value over time.

A cash sum (Pecuniary Gift)

If you wish to leave us a fixed sum of money in your Will, this is a Pecuniary Gift.

Specific Gift

You may choose to leave a specific named item – for example a piece of jewellery, a painting, shares, bonds or other gifts.

Any Gift you choose to give would be a very special contribution to the Hospice.

If you are yet to write a Will, please see our Will-writing Guide.

If you have already written a Will and wish to add Thames Hospice as one of your beneficiaries, please click on the Codicil Form for instructions.

The most important point is to state clearly the charity name, charity number and address:

Charity name: Thames Hospice

Charity number: 1108298

Address: Thames Hospice, Pine Lodge, Hatch Lane, Windsor, SL4 3RW

The information here is intended to help make the Will-writing process easier, but we would always recommend that you speak to a qualified legal professional or solicitor when making or amending your Will.

By deciding to remember us in your Will, you’ll be helping the Hospice now and in the future

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