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Evo Virtual Challenge Event 3

Date: 5th - 8th June
Location: Your own location
Registration Fee: Minimum £5 donation

Evo Beat the Lockdown Virtual Events

Race virtually with the Evo & Triathlon communities or family and friends from within the boundaries of your home and immediate surroundings.

You must comply with the most up to date Government Advice.


The Mentalist 21.1K run / 180K bike / 21.1K run

Middle Distance 21.1K run / 90K bike / 10K run

Olympic 10K run / 40K bike / 5K run

Sprint 5K run / 20K bike / 5K run

Novice 2.5K run / 10K bike/ 1.25K run

Junior events

13-14 years 2K run / 8K bike / 1K run

11-12 years 1.5K run / 6K bike / 1K run

8-10 years 1K run / 4K bike / 750m run

7 years and under 750m run / 2K bike/ 250m run


Run only challenge all ages

Snickers 42K Run

Half 21.1k Run

10K Run

5k Run

Participants will receive a medal

for more information and or to book your place please email