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Debbie's Desert Diary

Thames Hospice CEO Debbie Raven kept a desert diary! Find out more below!

Thursday 17 October 2019 (day one): Luton to Ouarzazate

Team Thames Hospice had an early start, arriving at Luton Airport at 4am(!) to travel to Marrakesh. The team were met by the guides and the support team at Marrakesh Airport and travelled by bus five hours away along the windy ancient caravan route through the High Atlas Mountains to the city known as 'the door of the desert,' Ouzarate.

Friday 18 October 2019 (day two): Ouzerate to the Sahara Desert
The Thames Hospice gang left Ouzerate to travel through the desert by mini buses to the start point. Hear from Debbie as the team made their way to the start of the trek.

In the afternoon, the team kicked off their trek, experiencing oasis' and rolling sand dunes. At the end of the day, we caught up with Debbie as she took in the views on a sand dune with fellow trekkers Alison, Lynne and Jill.

Saturday 19 October 2019 (day three): Sahara Desert

Sunday 20 October 2019 (day four): Sahara Desert
The team hit a sandstorm on the fourth day making conditions even more challenging! Find out more from Debbie in the video below!

Debbie's Desert Diary: toilet life
The most common question we've had is about going to the toilet in the desert. Thames Hospice CEO talks about toilet etiquette in the desert.

Debbie's Desert Diary: our camels
We were lucky to have a team of lovely camels who carried our supplies for the challenge across the desert. We all got rather attached to them, including Debbie!

Debbie's Desert Diary: It's a wrap!

Team Sahara have returned from their trekking and are back to reality. Listen to Debbie's final diary entry in the video below!

The Thames Hospice team trekked across the Sahara to raise money for the new Thames Hospice build. To find out more about why, please visit