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Every day up to 10 people are waiting for a bed on our Inpatient Unit. Our future demand modelling shows that this demand will only increase over the next 20 years as the number of people in our catchment area living over 100 will increase by 82%. All our other services are often also over-subscribed.

We looked at expanding on our current site but did not have the available space and would have had to close our current facilities to upgrade the space; this was not a viable option.

Demand modelling was conducted by an independent consultant and their recommendation was 34 Inpatient Unit beds by 2025. It was eventually agreed on 28 beds and an increase in community (at home) support to ensure the need for demand was met.

There were 2 studies conducted using demand modelling, which identified the need for 34 beds. We are already offering more ‘at home’ services through our community team and this will continue to expand. Therefore 28 Inpatient Unit (IPU) beds alongside the community team was deemed appropriate. However, there is the opportunity to expand each of the three IPU wings to build more bedrooms in the future should we need to, without causing disruption to the hospice.

There is also a question around sustainability and we have to be able to run the hospice once it is open.We will have an increase in NHS funding from 30% to 44% but still a need to increase income through fundraising and retail.

Research is evident that a one site model is better as patients and families have access to a wide range of services.Patients using day services can visit the IPU and those in IPU can benefit from the day services.

As we are the freeholders we will be selling it and have employed land agents Savills to support us.

We currently care for and support around 2,500 local people a year from direct patient support on IPU, community support, counselling and complimentary therapies and support for families.We envisage this will double to almost 5,000 people in the new hospice.

We will also have a dedicated Education centre so we can teach carers, nurses and others in the community about the highest quality palliative care for those people we cannot support directly.

The project cost is £18m. We have £12m in our own reserves which has built up over the years mainly through legacy donations.Therefore, we will need to raise an additional £6m.

Our annual revenue costs are £8m and we receive around 30% of our funding from the NHS.

In the new hospice the NHS has agreed to increase its funding to around 44% but they are not providing funding for the build itself.

During the private phase all funding will be in addition to our annual revenue fundraising.During the public phase we will need to raise an additional £600,000 on top of our annual fundraising targets.The appeal will be the biggest the Hospice has ever had and we are confident of bringing many new supporters on board as well as asking our existing donors to provide extra one-off support so that our annual fundraising is not adversely effected.

It is no good having one of the best hospice buildings in the UK if we don’t also have the best trained staff and volunteers. That is why the Education Centre is so important as it will provide space to run professional development courses and mandatory training.

We want to become a centre of excellence for the South East and beyond. It will be the hub of commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

We will also have a well-stocked library and encourage the on going personal and professional development of all our staff and community partners we work with.

Outreach work will also be key to keep local GPs and community nurses up to date with our services and patients and provide the best ‘at home’ care.

Summerleaze are a local gravel extraction company based in Maidenhead and have sold us the 8 acres of land at a heavily reduced amount. We are very grateful for their ongoing support of the Hospice and to Peter Prior in particular, the owner of Summerleaze.

The first five metres around the lake will continue to be owned by Summerleaze but will be publicly accessible land with a footpath going all the way round the lake.There are council conditions to allow it to be public land in perpetuity. We will have a Café in our reception that will be open to the public.

We need to raise £6 million to complete the build of the new hospice.

We had a feasibility study undertaken by an independent consultant, which examined our history of support, our geography and the potential for a major fundraising appeal within our catchment area. They recommended within the time frame of three years we could raise £5-6m.

Thames Hospice has reserves and is committing £12m towards the cost of the new build.

It currently costs more than £8m a year to keep the existing Hospice running.The new hospice will cost an estimated £9.2m a year to run. However, through extensive negotiations we have agreed that our funding commitment from the NHS will increase from 30% to 44% once the new hospice is fully operational. This has been agreed with all our local clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

We have growth strategies in place for both fundraising and retail that are part of our five year plans and a ten year charity forecast that is reviewed annually.

In order for a capital fundraising appeal of this nature to be successful all the Trustees have demonstrated leadership by financially supporting the project.

The capital appeal will last for three years; The private phase will run for the full three years (started July 2017) while the public phase will overlap and run for around 12-18 months from summer 2019. Our plan is to have achieved our target by autumn 2020. However, if we haven’t reached our target we will extend the appeal.

At this stage of the Capital Appeal we are focusing on achieving our target as efficiently as possible in the private phase. Although events such as concerts and balls are great fun, they are also costly in terms of human and financial resources. We have plans to host some large-scale events, including a ball, during the public phase which are like to take place in the later part of 2019 and early 2020.

Everyone! We need everyone involved with the Hospice to help us raise funds. However, during the private phase the Major Gifts Team, led by the Head of Major Gifts and Capital Appeal, is managing the appeal with support from the Chief Executive, Senior Management Team, Capital Appeal Board, Appeal Committee and volunteers (comprising champions, ambassadors and donors). This voluntary leadership team is made up of carefully selected individuals and representatives of Thames Hospice, as well as the local community.

The Capital Appeal will mainly involve face-to-face approaches to influential and affluent individuals and corporates. This will be accompanied by applications to funding bodies, trusts and foundations. A public launch of the Capital Appeal will be in 2019 once the majority of the funds have been secured.

We will review the appeal plans. We are selling our current site (Hatch Lane, Windsor) and can use some of the proceeds if needed to meet any shortfalls. We will extend the appeal if necessary to keep fundraising and we will also ask for repeat gifts from our warmest supporters, something that is very common in appeals.

Everybody who has made a gift to the Capital Appeal will be called a Founding Donor and be sent a regular newsletter to keep them informed about progress on both the build and the appeal. Donors will also have a dedicated person within the Fundraising Team as a point of contact at any time. Donors will of course be invited to the grand opening of the new hospice!

A Gift and Recognition Policy has been developed to ensure that every donor receives appropriate and proportionate recognition. For example, all donors giving above £1,000 will be given a silver donor pin and those donating above £25,000 will receive a gold donor pin. We will recognise your contribution on our website, in marketing materials and through social media should you wish. All donors who wish to remain anonymous can be assured that their wishes will be met. Please contact the Major Gifts Team for further information.

Supporters who donate more than £100,000 a year during the Capital Appeal (Founding Patrons) will have the opportunity to work with the Hospice to name a room or space in the new build. We will also offer this opportunity to groups who fundraise at the same level.

Each major donor relationship is bespoke, so it is important to note that there may be situations where naming rights are offered for less than £100,000. For example, the garden areas are available for £50,000.These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and any final decisions will be made by our Senior Management Team.

For patient rooms, Founding Patrons will have the opportunity to name a room from a list of options pre-chosen by the Hospice to ensure they are patient centric and dementia-friendly (e.g. colours, flowers). Donors will be recognised in our reception as having sponsored a room as we would be unable to allow plaques to be installed in or outside individual rooms.

You can help the Capital Appeal in a number of different ways:

  • You can help by making a gift yourself and this can be a one-off gift or a regular donation. We accept gifts online at, by BACS, cheque or cash (visiting the Hospice)
  • You could help the Capital Appeal by making introductions to other individuals, groups, companies or trusts, who might wish to donate or get involved in some capacity
  • You can join the Capital Appeal Board, become a Corporate Ambassador or become a volunteer. Members of the Board are fully briefed about the Capital Appeal and how it operates
  • Please spread the word about the Capital Appeal and the new build through your networks to ensure that everyone knows about it
  • You can fundraise for us during the public phase (from summer 2019)

If you would like to get in touch to talk about any of these ideas or you own, please contact the Capital Appeal team by emailing or calling 01753 842121.